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In a world that's increasingly interconnected, the need to embrace diversity has never been more crucial. At Bloom Communications, our Corporate Culture Camps and cultural coaching services combine the power of cultural diversity, the richness of Alaska Native cultures, and the path to enhanced business success.

Connect Meaningfully,
Collaborate Profitably

We work with Alaska businesses and organizations that want to collaborate profitably with Alaska Native communities and establish meaningful connections. We specialize in forging strong ties between organizations and Alaska Native stakeholders.

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Go Beyond Business Transactions

Building successful businesses and authentic relationships go hand-in-hand. We collaborate with organizations to profitably engage with Alaska Native communities while also enriching relationships. By delving into the intricacies of indigenous cultures, we help clients go beyond business.

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A Humble Approach

Our approach is rooted in years of exploration and study. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we are fervent about creating an environment where conversations around cultural acceptance thrive. The synergy between cultural insight and business excellence is what propels our trainings and consulting to go beyond theory.

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Navigating Cultures with Confidence

Navigating the nuances of the different Alaska Native cultures can be complex. With a deep understanding of the unique cultural and social landscape, our services are tailored to help clients navigate confidently.

Together, we’ll break down barriers by providing insight into customs, traditions and community dynamics. This knowledge equips you to engage sensitively, addressing potential pitfalls for more successful interactions.

Corporate Culture Camps

Our Corporate Culture Camps aim to bridge cultural gaps, nurture understanding, and fuel collaborative success. Sharing stories and experiences from living and working in Alaska, our facilitators explore the intricacies of Alaska Native cultures, going beyond textbooks and statistics.

Participants will gain the knowledge and sensitivity required to navigate Alaska Native communities with respect and understanding, giving you a strong foundation for building authentic relationships that go beyond business transactions. 

Public Camps

During our two-day, in-person Corporate Culture Camps, we look at Alaska’s history, regions and economy, as well as the state’s diverse indigenous languages, values, traditions and cultural revitalization initiatives. We’ll also explore the complex network of Alaska Native businesses and organizations, contemporary issues facing Alaska Native people, and the intricacies of traveling and working in rural Alaska.

With a maximum of 30 participants, you will receive personalized attention, guided experiential activities and opportunities to connect with others. Corporate Culture Camps are held quarterly in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

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Customized trainings

If you have a large group or specific needs, we are pleased to offer private trainings customized to your unique requirements. Learn more.

Cultural Coaching

In addition to our Corporate Culture Camps, we provide customized cultural coaching to help you reach your business goals while understanding and respecting Alaska Native values.

  • Stakeholder mapping and outreach. Identifying and connecting with the right stakeholders is crucial. We employ strategic methods to map out a network of Alaska Native influencers and decision-makers, ensuring your message reaches those who matter most. Through targeted outreach, we facilitate meaningful conversations that foster collaboration and mutual growth.
  • Customized engagement strategies. Every community is unique. We develop customized engagement strategies that align with your organization’s goals and the specific values of Alaska Native communities. From digital platforms to in-person events, our approach harnesses the power of tailored communication to build lasting connections that yield positive outcomes. Let's talk.

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