Living and working here is different than anywhere else. Understanding, appreciating and connecting with the state’s people and cultures is crucial for businesses to grow and thrive.

Unlock Possibilities


A deep reverence for my Alaska Native heritage, a passion for fostering inclusivity, and a decades-long career in communications and public relations allow us to help clients build strong businesses – and relationships.


Our Alaska Native Corporate Culture Camps aim to nurture understanding, bridge cultural gaps, and fuel collaborative success. We offer quarterly, in-person camps in Anchorage and Fairbanks, as well as customized trainings.


Our consulting services help you identify and connect with the right Alaska Native stakeholders, and develop and implement customized engagement strategies that align with both your business goals and Alaska Native values.

Building Business,

Building Relationships

Bloom Communications, a proudly Alaska Native, female-owned enterprise founded by Charlene Ostbloom, is a fusion of decades of professional experience in communications and public relations and a deep personal connection with my Alaska Native culture. Meet Charlene.

Corporate Culture Camps and Coaching

Our mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between Alaska businesses and Alaska Native communities and organizations. Through our Corporate Culture Camps and cultural coaching, we help our clients create mutually successful collaborations as well as a genuine appreciation of our state’s diverse cultural heritage. Explore our services.

Going Beyond Business Transactions

In a world that's increasingly interconnected, the need to embrace diversity has never been more crucial. We work with Alaska businesses and organizations that not only want to collaborate profitably with Alaska Native communities but also establish meaningful connections. About our work.

Balancing Business Goals and Cultural Values

Our work is shaped by a deep reverence for Alaska Native heritage and a passion for fostering inclusivity. My personal journey gives me firsthand insights into the heart of Alaska Native identity and fuels my commitment to promoting understanding between cultures. Read my story.

Navigate with Confidence and Respect

Drawing from both personal and professional experiences, we offer a guiding viewpoint on navigating Alaska Native culture with confidence and respect. My upbringing in rural Alaska, extensive travel across the state, and my career experience uniquely position me as your guide. Our experience.


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