Blending Professional Expertise with Personal Passion

In June 2019, I merged my decades of professional experience in communications and public relations and my deep connection with my Alaska Native culture. This fusion planted the seeds of Bloom Communications, a proudly Alaska Native, female-owned enterprise.

Bridging Cultures,
Fostering Connection

At Bloom Communications, our mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between Alaska businesses and Alaska Native communities and organizations.

Through our Corporate Culture Camps and cultural coaching services, we aim not only for successful business collaborations but also for a genuine appreciation of our state’s diverse cultural heritage.

Our goal is to empower clients to navigate the world of Alaska Natives with confidence and respect.

Deeply Rooted in Native Heritage

Our work is shaped by a deep reverence for my Alaska Native heritage and a passion for fostering inclusivity. Born in Tanana, Alaska, and hailing from Nulato, Alaska, I am deeply rooted in my Native heritage. My upbringing instilled in me a profound understanding of Alaska Native cultures and their vital role in our society.

 My personal journey, filled with both strengths and struggles, gives me firsthand insights into the heart of Alaska Native identity and fuels my commitment to promoting understanding between cultures.

An Experienced Guide to Alaska Business

With a communications and public relations career spanning decades, I’ve directed numerous campaigns and initiatives centered around Alaska Native stakeholder engagement. In both my work and personal life, I have spent significant time in over 60 rural communities across the vast state of Alaska.

I am also a proud shareholder of Doyon, Limited and Gana-A’Yoo, Limited. I bring firsthand knowledge and experience in working with Alaska Native regional and village corporations, as well as tribal entities.

Our Commitment: Building Strong Connections

My personal and professional foundation informs my expertise in leading Alaska Native Corporate Culture Camps and cultural coaching, allowing me to help organizations forge authentic connections and navigate cultural nuances effectively. I guide organizations to connect with Alaska Native communities respectfully and effectively.

I believe in the power of strong connections and am dedicated to contributing to the success of the organizations I work with. Together, we can cultivate lasting relationships and foster organizational triumphs!

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