The Power and Possibilities of Engaging With Alaska Native Communities

Nov 03, 2023

Did you know that Alaska Natives comprise 25% of Alaska’s population? That’s a full quarter of our state’s residents! Or that, in 2017, Alaska Native regional corporations had a combined revenue of $9.1 billion? These companies contribute a significant amount to our state’s economy, employ thousands of Alaskans, and make substantial investments in educational, social, cultural and health initiatives throughout Alaska. So, if your business hasn’t invested in engagement initiatives with the Alaska Native population, you might be missing out on new opportunities.

5 Reasons to Engage With Alaska Native Communities

Here are the top five reasons your business should consider taking a proactive approach to engaging with Alaska Native people, businesses and organizations.

  1. Cultural Understanding and Respect: Cultivating strong relationships with Alaska Native communities will demonstrate your commitment to understanding our unique traditions and values, while fostering goodwill. In addition, developing cultural sensitivity will help to reduce potential misunderstandings that might hinder relationship building.
  2. Community Partnerships and Collaboration: Engaging with Alaska Native communities can help to create mutually beneficial opportunities for collaborations and partnerships. These can contribute to a positive public image for your business and can lead to increased customer and stakeholder loyalty and trust.
  3. Sustainable Economic Development: Through supporting community initiatives, you can help to foster economic empowerment and improve the quality of life for many Alaskans.
  4. Access to Local Knowledge: Harnessing local knowledge can give you an insider’s perspective to the local landscape, history and best practices, potentially increasing the effectiveness of your efforts.
  5. Social Responsibility and Reputation: By demonstrating genuine interest in Alaska Native culture and communities, you can expect an enhanced reputation as being a socially responsible and ethical business.

Bonus! Engagement with Alaska Native communities can open doors to untapped markets. There are opportunities for businesses to tailor their products or services to meet specific needs, which can lead to increased revenue.

The Many Advantages of Engagement

When engaging with Alaska Native communities, people and businesses, one can expect a myriad of advantages. Engagement efforts can help to drive business success, contribute to a positive public image, and build long-term loyalty and trust.  

Wondering where to start?

We’re glad you asked! At Bloom Communications, our mission is to facilitate meaningful connections between Alaska businesses and Alaska Native communities and organizations. We help our clients create mutually successful collaborations as well as a genuine appreciation of our state’s diverse cultural heritage.

Through our Alaska Native cultural training workshops, we aim to nurture understanding, bridge cultural gaps, and fuel collaborative success. And our consulting services can help you identify and connect with the right Alaska Native stakeholders, and develop and implement customized engagement strategies that align with both your business goals and Alaska Native values.

Ready to harness the power and possibilities of engaging with Alaska Native communities? Let Bloom Communications be your guide! Contact us to start the conversation.


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